BLOCKCHAIN06CHANGE WEDNESDAY is the day every week when we respect the world, other people and the everything we depend on for our survival.

As pollution and illness becomes worse, positive habits and friendly relations become important ways to eliminate negative situations and make the world a better place. The official goal of the Wednesday Project are the Sustainable Development Goals WSP_WSO_41 

Please Join us in the Republic Of Conscience using Caring Currency

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LOVE Wednesday is the day we celebrate a Lifestyle Of Voluntary Effort to make the world around us better.LOVEWednesday

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DE-Zombification is a fun process of learning to re-socialize after being addicted to your mobile phone.


Learn about De-Zombification Workshops on Wednesdays_\!/


…there are many ways to celebrate Wednesday…  the day we SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG (^_^)_\!/

Feel free to adapt and CHANGE WEDNESDAY to become the local “Conscience Day” for the whole world_\!/