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How YOU can participate as a Citizen of the Republic Of Conscience
Participation as a Citizen Of Conscience is FREE to all citizens of the world – you simply have to DECLARE yourself ISRIndividually  Socially Responsible...
If you want official visas, passports and other documentation of your status as a world citizen, here is the Schedule of FEES:

Schedule of FEES

Official Citizen Of Conscience

1 Bitcoin to apply for immigration to the Peoples Republic Of Conscience as a Citizen Of Conscience c_BeidaPHARM 009 CitizenOfConscience_1BTC 1 Bitcoin Application for CitizenOfConscience: 19Gc8HCtm1Aw1Y9JUf4a6aeoyNYrABTXLi


Climate Change Agent

2 Bitcoins for application to become a Climate Change Agent for the Republic’s Climate Intelligence Agency HarbinGovtTrade ClimateChangeAgent_2BTC Climate Change Agent application 2BTC: 1Af41y2bFi9cpKkjWWEgf9mwnyXiXqWCDC


Ambassador Of Change

3Coin 3 Bitcoins to become eligible as an Ambassador Of Change cwl_SiteInspection_4869 Ambassador_3BTC Ambassador Of Change application: 3BTC1GNt7QPTD8vaAqBsBV4o5nR3kZvzKJa9oV If you are interested in becoming a Citizen Of Conscience, Climate Change Agent or Ambassador Of Change, please send your Bitcoins and an email with details of why you invested Caring Currency into the Republic Of Conscience treasury and how we can send you your desired application – RepublicOfConscience [a} gmail

The measurement of success in the Republic Of Conscience is Gross Domestic Happiness

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