The Philanthropy rEvolution

 “Philanthropy” means Love of mankind.  a respectful, kind, compassionate and meaningful attitude toward people you don’t know personally.

But most people think Philanthropy is only practiced by the rich. At least that’s what the 1% want you to believe.

The truth is,  if you’re a Citizen Of Conscience, you’re also a Philanthropist.

let’s take a look…

The Old Structures

Controlled by a few, deciding who will be helped and served and who will not.

Advantages: Theoretically – better informed decision-makers, less personal bias, more “equitable”, better use of funds.

Disadvantages: Actually, Exclusive and Agenda driven by a very small number of often anonymous people who make secret decisions about our lives.

Funds, Foundations are mostly privately earned money, being re-distributed based on the wishes of a certain “class” of people… people who have inherited or earned money in certain ways, based on certain principles, moral codes and ethical considerations not necessarily shared by everyone on earth.


The New Structures

Direct Giving

Open Street Level Philanthropy

Crowdsourcing (eg. Kickstarter)

Caring Currency

Privatizing Goodwill


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