BACK into ACTION: Eternal Spring supercharged fundraising

This year (2014) is the 75th anniversary of the death of Dr. Norman Bethune, Philip McMaster (known as DaLong in China) is an independent environmental activists from Canada, an actor in CCTV documentary about Bethune and because of a serious injury, needs the help of Eternal Spring to help maintain the precious heritage of international friendship and public spirit. …

题记:今年是白求恩大夫逝世75周年,大龙,一位来自加拿大的独立环保人士,央视白求恩纪录片的扮演者,却因病痛需要我们的帮助,以传承这份珍贵的国际友谊和公益精神。大龙先生也希望借助这次募捐,发起“BACK INTO ACTION” 活动,同时设立一个医疗基金。多余的善款他将用于继续他的公益理想,并帮助更多和他一样的人。国内首家接受并推广数字公益的公益组织”温暖四季”(将一起发起这个活动。