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Unbelievable as it seems today, a long, long time ago, in the early days of the Internet, people had no idea what the Internet was, how it was used, or how to get on it!banner_blockchainonramp

The term “Information Superhighway” was often used because people understood the relationship between big highways and car speed but still needed to discover how they could personally get on this new digital “Superhighway” – so another term was used – the “onramp”.

TODAY, like the early 1990’s, we are at the beginning of the BLOCKCHAIN revolution and the majority of people still don’t know how to “get on” and use the BLOCKCHAIN.

The BLOCKCHAINonramp is an educational and access program for entrepreneurs and regular people who want, like the early Internet explorers, to benefit from an early understanding of this exciting and important new universal ecosystem.