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The Real Social Billionaires of the CryptoPhilanthropy.CLUB


Social Billionaires are a new club of CryptoPhilantropists who earn their V2S (Value to Society) by helping existing blockchain organizations and individuals through Blockchain CryptoCapitalism to serve their community and humanity at large.


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Philanthropist Social Billionaires support initiatives like the World Sustainability Project / Republic Of Conscience and “SDGchallenge”… raising crypto-capital in the Republic Of Conscience to redistribute to NGO’s and Social Enterprises who in turn solve the Sustainable Development Goals, the SDG’s.

Giving, Receiving and Distributing

Giving is Receiving Respect and generating a high Value to Society (V2S).  Only the TOP people  in the world are invited to join the Council of Conscience and Council of Care – make sure you become eligible as a Citizen Of Conscience right now –