BLOCKCHAIN01A Sustainable Vision for the Future:

“How the BLOCKCHAIN Saved the World”


…with the help of the BLOCKCHAIN Republic Of Conscience


A World in Crisis…


  • Lots of lost, lonely, discouraged, disillusioned people
  • Only Economic Focus (not ROI3)
  • No Clear Common Goal
  • Hyper-competitive (Everyone in it for themselves at others’ expense – zero sum)
  • Few systems and opportunities for win-win-win cooperation
  • Absent global leadership and “Conscience”

“What if it’s a big HOAX and we create a better world for nothing?” – Cartoon by Joel Pett


…what we need is a new, UNIFYING STORY and a meaningful goal…

the Story & Game

Learn about it at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP22) November 7-18

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marrakechblocktrain_fantasiaBLOCKCHAIN to MARRAKECH

Chinese / English Invitation to Participate in Marrakech Presentation

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