Where are the PARENTS?

What’s happening to the Children?


It’s an epidemic, it’s a plague it’s an ADDICTION and the front line of FAMILY INTERVENTION is missing… (they’re too busy on the phone…)


The SUSTAINIES – those lovable guides, WOW (LeLe) TIP (CongCong) and PIN (BenBen) are here to help us, whether we are parents or not, to be conscious in our lives and improve the social lives of the children around us.



De-Zombification Therapy & Treatment is a NEW, FUN, non-medical intervention developed by the co-founder of the MCMASTER INSTITUTE (HK) to help millions of people around the world fight SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION and NoMoPhobia (Irrational Fear of Not Having your Phone with you)

Digital Detox


sq_3FingerFreud_MG_7579Recommended by 3 Finger Freud, De-Zombification is a FUN, NEW, MEANINGFUL 12 Step “Digital DETOX”  process to stop our “Walking Dead”, “zombie-like” behaviour, especially our use of mobile phones in inappropriate circumstances….

Starting with a weekly period of 3 hours every Wednesday evening, the process of De-Zombification is centered on the middle day of the week – “CHANGE WEDNESDAY”_\!/

3 Finger Freud guides us in the Sustainability Etiquette or “SustainaQuette” that will help us all live in harmony with Society the Environment and the Economy_



As part of the SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG formula of “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” the De-Zombification process involves learning and experiencing respectful behaviour Sustainaquette and learning the new skill of Tryji – a powerful physical activity of games and role-playing that breaks the dulling patterns in our lives.


Philip McMaster AHSc. MBA

Battling the Global War On Pollution and Apocalypse Of Apathy , De-Zombification is led by LCP the Low Carbon Panda, wonderful SustANGELz from the Republic Of Conscience and SocialARTist Philip McMaster (known as DaLong in China) who wakes up the “Spirit Of Bethune” in humanitarian treatment, humour, Role-Playing, Specialized Games and unique strategies to encourage new Citizens Of Conscience to live a LOHHAS lifestyle_\!/


European TV News. (BASQUE)

LCP the Low Carbon Panda, Philip McMaster (DaLong) and the SustANGELz train in De-Zombification Therapy. De-Zombification is NOW AVAILABLE in your community. Contact PhilipMcMaster (a] hotmail com for the Validated SustANGEL nearest you.

Original Link from Spanish (BASQUE) TV NEWS video:  Tudou Link:




FUN scenes from De-Zombification Therapy and Treatment

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For More Information on De-Zombification of you, your family, friends and work colleagues – contact PhilipMcMaster (a] hotmail dot com