The idea or philosophy behind the Republic Of Conscience is simple.


We are living in a world where the imbalance and pressures are becoming unbearable.

We are under pressure from our societies to conform to standards that are in many cases,  no longer valid. There is increasing loneliness among the crowd, stress from unsustainable expectations,  trivialization of communications and fundamental breakdowns in human relations.


We are under pressure and surveillance from governments that brings “1984” closer than ever. Our privacy is gone, and the chilling effect of knowing you could be apprehended for an expressed thought out of context has dulled our passion, our creativity and our willingness to build friendships, confide and share.


Eyeball Artist, Tony Tasset.

We are under economic pressure to follow a dream that we did not create, we only accepted the dream because that’s what our parents accepted living in a world created by advertising, violence and denial. We educate ourselves for marketability and to pay the bills, not to understand the human (and environmental) condition and seek to improve it.


We are under pressure from a rapidly changing global environment, with the potential for mass climate refugees seeking food and water security, and to escape increasing temperatures, rising oceans, massive floods and expanding deserts.

We are under pressure from our local and regional environments from air and water pollution, food safety issues and lack of experience and connection with the real, natural world.


There is only one true freedom – it is within our thoughts, expressed as our willpower and our attitudes.

We are only free to change ourselves, we can’t actually change other people against their will.


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