WEEKLY – The Wednesday Project

The Wednesday Project

WSP_WSO_41The World Sustainability Project and the Republic Of Conscience promote the observance of the 3rd Day of the week – WEDNESDAY – as the the GLOBAL DAY of ADAPTATION and CHANGE.

Every WEDNESDAY, we ask citizens around the world to do 3 things: SMILE ~ CHANGE ~ UNPLUG_\!/

Why Wednesday?

Because Wednesday is not “Claimed” by any other group or ritual organization as “Their” day…so we claimed it as ours…

“CHANGE WEDNESDAY” – because it’s the “Day of Change”

Wednesday is usually not the busiest day of the week – it’s not at the beginning of the week and not at the end… it’s in the middle, and for many people – a day of reflection on what’s been accomplished so far (or not) and what remains to be done before the weekend…

Conveniently , Wednesday is also “3” Day in Chinese, so it’s easy for 1/5 of the world to remember.


The Wednesday Project has many names around the planet,  reflecting people’s realization of the need to encourage change… what is the name for “Wednesday” in your part of the world?