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Dictionary: “CURRENCY – from Medieval Latin currentia, literally: a flowing, from Latin currere to run, flow

ConSCIENCE: Economic SCIENCE of the Economy Of Care.

The Republic Of Conscience exists in a parallel, alternative economy of the spirit that values people’s  Conscience, Care, Compassion, Humanity and Generosity, therefore it makes sense that our Caring Currencies would be called Conscience Coin,  Caring Coin, Compassion Coin and Humane Coin.

Many of the problems of our world today are issues with BALANCE and GREEDnot enough balance and too much greed. True, our economic and social systems encourage selfishness and greed, but many people, from the poorest to the richest agree that Faith, Hope and Charity produce more happiness than money alone.

Still, we can’t put food on the table or pay our bills with faith hope and charity alone..  we still need to live within the “real” Un-Caring Economy where money rules, and often rules destructively toward the Earth.

A parallel, alternative economy of the spirit

The Republic Of Conscience is dedicated to support a range of organizations and entities that work to make the world a better place: Individual SocialARTists, Social Enterprises (eg. Dragonpreneur, Caravan Of Care) NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) and small Charities and Social Enterprises who all need financial support.

The objective of our efforts is to grow a decentralized and distributed Economy Of Care around the planet, based on patronage and support of those Noble people around the world who know and understand that their health, wealth and position is a gift of the planet and the human cultures living on it.

If you have interest, knowledge and skill in this area of the new virtual currencies, please consider  contributing your energy and expertise to grow this Economy of Care – caring for each other and the Earth with Conscience, Care, Compassion, Humanity and Generosity.

… Caring Currency is what flows and is rewarded and recorded for random acts of sustainability and people living a LOHHAS life (Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability). However Caring Currency has limited commercial or monetary value, it is designed on a PAY-IT-FORWARD MODEL or limited growth Circular Economy Model – so how do we collect a record of our “Tokens Of Appreciation” and trade them in for value


Currency flows, but what remains from a meaningful transaction? –EMOTIPOINTS”


Feel Good Emotions are hard to quantify, attribute value, store and exchange –

SMILE and make other people happy? How do we quantify that?

CHANGE and feel better about your world?? How do we record that?

UNPLUG without fear of missing out??? How are we rewarded for sacrifice and helping?

… is there a monetary value to this goodwill? NO, but there is POSITIVE EMOTIONAL MEMORY – so we can imagine EMOTIPOINTS as quantified emotional memory representing individual values already exchanged, recorded, stored and setting the foundation for a brighter future_\!/


Please contact us at RepublicOfConscience {a] gmail com.


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