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_CitizenshipApplication_DSC00943The Republic Of Conscience has just begun – people are inspired by the idea of becoming citizens of a state of mind that lives in peace and harmony within our families, in our communities and in the nations where we live.

If you would like to be one of the founders of a new nation – a nation that exists in the hearts and minds of its citizens, and is complimentary to the territorial, geo-political nations in which we live, please consider volunteering your imagination, passion and talent to create and make a reality the place we all dream of living – the Republic Of Conscience.

If you use WeChat, you can apply through the founder, Philip McMaster on WeChat at:


or send an email to RepublicOfConscience [a} Gmail including your CV, best-fit position (below) and why you would like to help with the founding of the Republic Of Conscience.

Here’s what we’re looking for at the beginning stages:    

more and more opportunities will emerge (and be suggested) as the State Of Mind expands around the world

– Web Strategists
– Political Scientists
– Web Developers
– Security Experts and Defense Strategists
– Sales People & Promoters
– Public Relations Propagandists
– Media Producers (Web TV, News Segments, Public Service Announcements)
– Designers (Webpages, Apps, Logos, Merchandise, Events, Programs)
– Social Media Technicians
– Membership Promotion Technicians
– Street Photographers
– Alt Currency Experts
– Economists (New)
– Financial Accountants & Experts
– Maker industrialists
– New Media Teachers and Trainers
– Immigration, Citizenship and Employment Trainers
– Tourism Professionals
– Social Scientists, Social Workers
– NGO Liaison and Trainers
– Financial Training & Management Agents


If you are well known for any of the following attributes, regardless of your level of expertise – do us a favour, and don’t even apply if you are known for:
Selfishness, Greed, Insensitivity and an uncaring attitude, self-serving and self-centered, irresponsible, unreasonable, dishonest, disreputable, untrustworthy, corruptible, cowardly, conniving, evasive,  unhinged, unbalanced, radical (in a violent or unpleasant way), poor team player, idiotic, weak-minded or  stupid.


That said, of course no one is perfect – we all have elements of the above in our personalities – but the Republic Of Conscience is about a higher level of living – within our Conscience – so that as founders, we must live to a higher standard and be known to be “Part of the Solution”, – living within our Conscience – and exemplifying: Generosity, Sharing and Sensitivity, with a Caring Attitude –  service-oriented and outgoing, responsible and reasonable, incorruptible, honest and reputable, brave and trustworthy, straight forward and present, balanced and appealing to the mainstream, good team players, thoughtful, considerate, strong-minded and smart.


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