Yulin -Our Best Friends


“Our Best Friends” Project

Here’s a breath of fresh air in the fight for the humane treatment of animals – a Part Of the (POSITIVE) Solution Project –  giving the infamous city of Yulin, China an opportunity to turn their fortunes around, and change from stealing, torturing and eating dogs to celebrating Dogs from around China and the world as “Our Best Friends”.

Why we should have some respect for Dogs, our oldest friends:

“The dog was the first domesticant. Without dogs you don’t have any other domestication. You don’t have civilization.”[56] “Remove domestication from the human species, and there’s probably a couple of million of us on the planet, max. Instead, what do we have? Seven billion people, climate change, travel, innovation and everything. Domestication has influenced the entire earth. And dogs were the first. For most of human history, we’re not dissimilar to any other wild primate. We’re manipulating our environments, but not on a scale bigger than, say, a herd of African elephants. And then, we go into partnership with this group of wolves. They altered our relationship with the natural world.”[57] – Greger Larson  (Wikipedia)

The Republic Of Conscience

…in an exchange for YULIN RESIDENTS STOPPING ALL TRADE IN DOG MEAT and its CONSUMPTION, friends and Citizens of the Republic Of Conscience propose to RAISE NECESSARY FUNDS using the “HUMANE COIN” BLOCKCHAIN fundraising system to help finance a Yulin Moral Beautification Project for the benefit of all Yulin Residents and for China’s image to the world:

“Our Best Friends” Project

A Multi-Purpose Project in partnership with the Chinese Central and Local Governments – with Civil Society, Military and Police support and involvement to help Yulin move from being the paraiah of China to a respected and celebrated city in China. The proposal is to organize and design:

  1. Dog History Museum          2. International Dog Show Exhibition Hall         3. Unconditional LOVE Treatment Center               4. Working Dog Training Facility and Performance Area

Dog History Museum

Canis familiaris – Our Best Friends”

hbi_egyptianmuseum35_tut_guard_dogCanis familiaris – Our Best Friends” – Dog History Museum, the 20,000+ year human-canine history of 555 modern and ancient dogs –  including exhibits of the ancient Chinese Dog Burial rituals 9,000 years ago in Wuyang, Henan Province and Nanzhuangtou China 12,000+years ago.

Special rooms and exhibits about Dog Heros during the Sichuan Earthquake and other Chinese disasters. orange-county-museum

Prominently displayed stories of dog loyalty and their benefits to humans.

Special Feature – The Holocaust Room (similar to the Museum of the Rape Of Nanjing and Auschwitz holocaust museum, but about our treatment of dogs)  Special exhibit to be paid for by local former dog meat vendors and restaurants – who now make much more money as LOHHAS lifestyle merchants serving live dog owners delicious Chinese non-meat meals.

International Dog Show Exhibition Hall

“K9 Beauty”

180373d28c10164891bd01 “K9 Beauty” – International Dog Show Exhibition Hall – inviting the top dog shows around the world to Yulin, showing the big business of beauty, grooming, breeding and caring for dogs. 160205_RK_China-dogs.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2

Dog Lovers from China and around the world will travel and stay in local hotels to support and celebrate Yulin’s joining the world community and gaining back their respect by abandoning the torturing of dogs and eating their meat.

High revenues from all the related exhibition services, transportation and catering  to visiting live dogs and their owners will multiply local commercial income far beyond the value of a dead dog corpse.


“Unconditional LOVE Treatment Center”

Children’s Psychological Trauma Treatment Center, Adult Anti-Agression Center and Autistic Childrens’ Development Center

ShelterMe-38The “Unconditional LOVE Treatment Center”Children’s Psychological Trauma Treatment Center, Adult Anti-Agression Center and Autistic Childrens’ Development Center is proposed to be staffed by specialized medical and psychological professionals incorporating “pet therapy” to help rehabilitate traumatized children, calm the growing number of agitated, frustrated and aggressive adults and provide a clean healthy environment for autistic children to find doggie friends they can relate to. SantaDOG

Medical and psychological science has shown great improvement and benefits for all types of patients, especially autistic children by developing calming relationships with friendly dogs.

The Center could also become a Dog Evaluation / Training Center for “Seeing Eye” dogs and old age companion dogs.

Working Dog Training Facility and  Performance Area

“Defense and Security Partners”

China-train-MWD “Defense and Security Partners” Police Dog / Military Dog / Search And Rescue Dog Training Facility, providing healthy clean accommodation for training teams from around the world to learn from Chinese military, police and experienced Search And Rescue Teams.  

PUBLIC PERFORMANCE AREA to show Military/Police/Search And Rescue Working Dog Training, Trials and Performances.

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Public displays of the police, military and search and rescue training showing how working dogs can find lost people, earthquake victims, assist in bomb detection and disposal, enhance border security and make SWAT operations and common patrols safer for soldiers and police.

U363P886T1D153916F12DT20150206093325The Training and Demonstration Facility would illustrate the care and professionalism of the Chinese military and Chinese police services, and become a meaningful venue for good public relations demonstrations.

article-1217157-06A3FE63000005DC-624_634x400In a show of solidarity with the new community ethic – we propose that the Yulin Police be supplied and funded to begin foot patrols of the former dog meat vending areas as K9 Patrols – again using the formerly disrespected police dogs for public security, protection, enforcement and impressive community public relations.

Exercise and housing within the training facilities should be semi-luxurious for the dogs and their trainers, and in the non-public area could notably include a police holding cell, (jail) bordered by attack dogs cages. Although any human prisoners ending up in the cells will certainly not be torched, boiled or eaten.



According to SCIENCE: We LOVE Dogs and Dogs LOVE Us –

In 2015, a study found that when dogs and their owners interact, extended eye contact (mutual gaze) increases oxytocin levels in both the dog and its owner. As oxytocin is known for its role in maternal bonding, it is considered likely that this effect has supported the coevolution of human-dog bonding.[103] One observer has stated, “The dog could have arisen only from animals predisposed to human society by lack of fear, attentiveness, curiosity, necessity, and recognition of advantage gained through collaboration….the humans and wolves involved in the conversion were sentient, observant beings constantly making decisions about how they lived and what they did, based on the perceived ability to obtain at a given time and place what they needed to survive and thrive. They were social animals willing, even eager, to join forces with another animal to merge their sense of group with the others’ sense and create an expanded super-group that was beneficial to both in multiple ways. They were individual animals and people involved, from our perspective, in a biological and cultural process that involved linking not only their lives but the evolutionary fate of their heirs in ways, we must assume, they could never have imagined. Powerful emotions were in play that many observers today refer to as love – boundless, unquestioning love.” (Wikipedia)





doc_TellMe_MG_7922If you are supportive of this offer to RAISE FUNDS for this project through the HUMANE COIN system and want to be involved, please contact Philip McMaster of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project and Citizen of the Republic Of Conscience at the following address: Philip . McMaster (a] hotmail dot Com