BLOCKCHAIN07The world needs a NEW Unifying STORY of our collective future… not the UNSUSTAINABLE narratives of the “American (consumption) Dream”  the “Chinese (materialist catching-up) Dream”… or any other “Top Down” economically-driven fabrications to serve the business-development and population control interests of the 1%.

We need a STORY of SUSTAINABILITY for the World…

The Developing STORY in the Republic Of Conscience is the STORY of how we individually and collectively worked to save our civilization from disaster by living a holistic Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability  LOHHAS a fancy way of saying – how we finally chose to live in harmony with our one and only home, the planet Earth.


STORY=CODE (or STORY IS CODE) serves a meaningful need. We Need Heroes. We Need New CODE

BLOCKCHAIN19The recent revolutionary developments in human communications history and technological CODE: – the World Wide Web / Internet – the Internet of Things (IoT) the BLOCKCHAIN and our own – growing and developing – Republic Of Conscience and Internet Of Citizens (of Conscience) –  demand a new meta-narrativeSOMETHING BIG – a CODE-BASED,  heroic story that everyone can understand, be passionate about and jump on the global bandwagon…


A meta-narrative or master narrative is a particular type of narrative, which is defined by Wikipedia as a “coherent system of interrelated and sequentially organized stories that share a common rhetorical desire to resolve a conflict by establishing audience expectations according to the known trajectories of its literary and rhetorical form.”



Stories have always been code. From the earliest human gatherings around the campfire and at the watering hole, stories have been communicated to represent human thought in shared language code – sometimes the stories themselves are a code to be de-coded and understood at a deeper level of learning and meaning. Writing symbols evolved as code to replace peer to peer, face-to-face speech and represent stories across space and time.


Language and words are evolving in the Republic Of Conscience.  We use common language and constantly make up and add new words – words to alter and enhance our perspectives and guide us toward deeper understanding with a focus on “Lowsumption” and living a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability ( ). We’ve added new words like “Sustainablization” and “De-Zombification” to describe necessary adaptive processes – words like “Sustainablist” and “Sustainablista” to describe the practical and fashionable personality types associated with sustainability.

Cultural CODES

Avoiding the world of power struggle and state violence, in the “subnationalist” Republic Of Conscience “PeaceDealers” are the celebrated norm in the “Internet Of Citizens” and “Internet Of Conscience” where the “BotOfLOVE” guides us to a “Lifestyle Of Voluntary Effort“.

Social CODES

Making money in meaningful way in the World Sustainability Project or through the Republic Of Conscience is described as “Moneyingful” , describing a new kind of “Sustainability Hit Man”  looking through a “cubedROI” financial prism, splitting Return On Investment into its impact on the 3 pillars of Society, Environment and Economy – while maintaining a civilized behaviour using “Sustainaquette“.  (SEE the ROC GLOSSARY for new additions – supporting micropayment applies)


Now DIGITAL CODE (still representing basic human thought) has reached incredible levels of replication and precision, and at exponential levels of speed of distribution – however the stories contained therein are becoming truncated, homogenized, sanitized and corporatized (commercialized) as information overload and the dulling-down and domestication of the world’s populations progresses. The Republic Of Conscience is the proud home of “REFRESH WEDNESDAY” and the inspiration for the NEW PERSONAL STORY of “How the BLOCKCHAIN saved the World“. The BLOCKCHAIN is another layer on the Internet where Peer 2 Peer relationships, registrations, identities and transactions are initiated, processed and recorded forever.

Often described as an immutable (un-changeable) ledger of all the transactions that have ever occurred on the BLOCKCHAIN, it’s not necessary to know exactly how it works in order to know that it’s revolutionary, disruptive to the “Old Boys” corrupt networks and an amazing opportunity to use CODE to put our lives on an incorruptible system in which we control our information.




The code

The STORY is CODE is also the story of socialization and peer to peer social codes. To harmonize with the changing SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and ECONOMIC world, we need to inspect, evaluate and  CHANGE many of our established CODES of Behaviour and tolerances.



the answer to the question: WHY are we scratching around doing what we’re doing? What is the end goal? What is our legacy STORY?


Founders’ Stories

Philanthropists Stories


A World in Crisis



BLOCKCHAIN10Realities – Opportunities – Ethics

Realities: Society, Environment and Economy not going in a good direction.

Opportunities: Almost everything must be rebuilt, mitigated, adapted to a very uncertain future.

Ethics: A major failing of humanity is lack of trust.









How China Saved the World


How the BLOCKCHAIN Saved the World





One of the co-founders of the Republic Of Conscience, DaLong (Philip McMaster)