Travel to the Republic Of Conscience as a PhilanthroTOURIST , as an interdependent yet single explorer/ traveler or within a personalized or group guided tour.   NaturalFREEDOMPROCtravelNEW OPPORTUNITY: We are now establishing the TOURISM AUTHORITY of the Republic Of Conscience, if you would like to be involved in the creation of this exciting promotional opportunity, you could be granted FREE CITIZENSHIP_\!/  visit us     Heaney2Also be inspired by Seamus Heaney’s poem that focused our imagination on a parallel world of conscientious 3 Way Thinking.     participate in our Ecological Civilization, in the Caravan Of Care, meet SustANGELZ and Models Of Sustainability, if you like it here and you don’t really want to leave, you can apply to permanently immigrate to the Republic Of Conscience and-

Become a Citizen Of Conscience

CitizensOfConsciencePeaceFest-300x200The wonderful nature of the Republic Of Conscience is that with the right attitude and approach, you begin to notice the beauty in the environment and people of your own home town, meaning your travel to the Republic becomes quicker and easier over time.

Once you accept your *ISR, you can take Part in the Solution.. FOR FREE

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Please send us the name you wish to be known by and confirmation of how much currency you sent, if you want to be listed as a supporter of the World Sustainability Project and a founder of the Republic Of Conscience, send us the details by email, at: RepublicOfConscience [a} gmail