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In these 5 videos, Philip McMaster, founder of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project, World Sustainability Organization and the Peoples Republic Of Conscience chats with video producer Chandler and new citizens of the Republic explaining the philosophy and rationale behind the sustainability projects.

McMaster expresses his views on how Bitcoin could become the Caring Currency the world needs to unify the heart of humanity and live in peace and harmony as we share this planet.

Video 108-1, Beijing, China

In this impromptu video, Philip McMaster speaks about the  World Sustainability Organization, the creation of community and the definition of sustainability. McMaster discusses the historical “Conflict Nature” of human currency systems, how to make friends, how money is systematized trust and how trust and care is a muscle we must exercise for it to get stronger.

The 3 Fingers representing Society, the Environment and the Economy are discussed as a way of identifying ourselves as part of the solution and to “Create our own life” by participating in the world.

McMaster has learned that many people in the original bitcoin community have been quite generous with their Bitcoin, supporting entrepreneurs, communicators and fellow community members as the initial costs and values were small, and the sharing aspect of the community was strong.

Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin was not created out of conflict and that “Bitcoin comes from a different place” of greater care for the community.

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Video 108-2

In this second segment,  Philip McMaster, founder of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project and the Peoples Republic Of Conscience points out that for Bitcoin to survive, it must , develop in a balanced way – not just as a speculative currency, but also as an investment in community through retail transactions.

McMaster is of the opinion that Bitcoin is well established and is “Not going to go away”.

The World Sustainability Organization is explained along with the 3 Finger “Peace Plus One” Sustainability Symbol.


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Video 108-3





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