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Caring Currency Project – a Fun and Exciting opportunity to be happier, make more friends find meaning in your life and build your reputation as being Part Of the Solution (POS) in business, society…  JOIN US, and make China and the world a better place.


How? Help us create, develop and share the “Caring Currency” ecosystem – a much needed complimentary and alternative ecosystem to the high stress, high pressure, low satisfaction lifestyles and financial world we are living today. Become Part Of the Solution, create a Caring Currency used in a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).


We live in ecosystems – Cultural, Financial and Environmental…they’re all related and interdependent. Actually, everything is fundamentally dependent on our Environmental Ecosystem, because without food, water and air there is no human culture or opportunity to do business and support the human world we’ve created. Caring Currency will fill the gaps and connect the dots, making our lives more meaningful.



The BLOCKCHAIN is the brilliant underlying technology of virtual currencies, creating a world-wide, peer-to-peer medium of exchange and accounting system with methods to store and define value. You can build your reputation in this trustless system – no third party authorization, but instead, just a face-to-face and peer-to-peer people-oriented platform.  Caring Currency has priceless, special values – human values.

What about business? Show Me the Money…

Smart people realize that money is only money. You can’t eat or drink it. You can’t have a conversation with it, and as much as we need it and want it, it distorts our perspectives and controls our lives in many negative ways. The pursuit of money alone hurts us and the planet we depend on.

Caring Currency is a financial business on the BLOCKCHAIN – the home of the Republic Of Conscience.

Caring Currency is a New, Parallel World – in the Republic Of Conscience

Hard to define in old terms, nothing comparable to the Republic Of Conscience has existed until the connectivity of the internet and accounting of the BLOCKCHAIN made it possible… Old financial terms and structures that existed prior to the BLOCKCHAIN and the new virtual currencies – Our old relationships with money, security and mediums of exchange will be naturally updated to serve people around the world in new ways with more freedom.



Although we live in different nations, (with all their opportunities and restrictions), wherever we are, we can free ourselves from those burdens by changing our attitudes, outlook and decision-making criteria.

Caring Currency expresses the Freedom of our individual State Of Mind in the Republic Of Conscience.


FUN…and Education

With a variety of fun coin names like KuaiLeBi (Happy Coin) and DUCKeCOIN, Caring Currency is intended to:

(1.) Bring light-hearted fun and smiles to people’s faces and make their lives and relationships happier, and

(2.) Exercise the practice of giving back to society, building generosity, trust, social cohesion and harmony between people.

(3.) Give masses of people positive exposure and practical, technical experience with virtual currencies, wallets and a simple, meaningful process of transferring values through the BLOCKCHAIN.


What is most important to you? Money or Friends?

I have a question for you… can you buy friends? Do you invest in friends or do you “speculate” in friends?

Some people think they can buy and speculate in friends, but the quality and longevity of those friendships is always very poor.

However, you can definitely “invest” in friendships by INVESTING IN YOURSELF. (we all know that to find more friends, you must invest in learning to BE a friend!)


Take CARE of yourself,

Invest in…

YOURSELF – build your character, reputation, relationships with the world..

YOUR NETWORK – join the leaders of the new world based on the BLOCKCHAIN.

YOUR EXPERTISE –  the BLOCKCHAIN is less than 5 years old, you know more than most people.

YOUR SKILL SET –  this is your opportunity to adapt, experiment, test and try new things.

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS – improve your relationships by improving yourself.

YOUR WEALTH –  create your fortune and live a secure and meaningful future.

YOUR AMBITION – help others reach their positive goals, build the foundation, platform and resources for your ambitions.


We are developing a new way to “buy friends” (joke) and gain respect – winning their hearts and minds through appreciation and “gifting” through the Caring Currency ecosystem.


We all know about “Liking” , “hearts” and “thumbs up” where we send positive reinforcement messages to people on the Internet in appreciation for funny photos or good references – now, with Caring Currency on the BLOCKCHAIN, there is a name, face and legacy (history) attached to each coin / token of appreciation you give to others  – more like presenting flowers to someone specialwith a personalized “keepsake” note attached.


Issued by the Treasury of the Republic Of Conscience, the monetary value of the virtual coin is kept low – it is not a coin for hoarding and speculating (the value evaporates if you hold it too long).  But the impact is high, because receiving a million KuaiLeBi or DUCKeCOIN from a friend or stranger will put a smile on anyone’s face.


Caring Currency are circulating coins containing information that reveals a “who’s who” of the most generous individuals in society. Rich or poor, low cost, low “financial” value Caring Currency is accessible as a means of expressing appreciation.  As a function of the BLOCKCHAIN, everything is recorded for posterity on who is participating in being “Part Of the Solution”.


Caring Currency expires (automatically returns to Republic Of Conscience Treasury) if you hold on to it too long. Therefore, once you receive Caring Currency, you must “Pay it Forward” within a prescribed time limit.


Giving Caring Currency to others is rewarding to the giver. Upon giving above certain thresholds and the accumulation of emotipoints, the giver receives a customized, personalized token the individual can 3D print and make into a “physical coin”. Over certain thresholds of accumulated emotipoints and number of collected token coins, the Mint of the Treasury of the Republic Of Conscience sends a physical, collectable commemorative coin to the most generous among us. Over certain amounts of commemorative coins collected and emotipoints earned, the registered individual is invited to special local events and invited to become an Ambassador of the Republic Of Conscience.



Tokens with images and legacies are naturally more interesting and valuable. The stories behind certain legacy coins will be auctioned at special events to support charities, non-profits, social enterprises and NGO’s. These events “recycle” the “coins” of Caring Currency, put much-needed fiat currency into the social sector and give publicity, “face and legacy” to the most generous supporters.

In the process of circulation, Caring Currency accomplishes many goals:

– Encourages generosity toward strangers (more emotipoints by gifting to new and various addresses)

– Encourages awareness of diversity of potential recipients.

– Encourages circulation of the values and information contained in the tokens

– Encourages the wealthy to participate in the gifting economy

– Encourages the middle class and poor to participate in “being Part of the Solution”

– Encourages meaningful contemplation, understanding and decision-making (Pay it Forward expiry)

– Brings much-needed funds to the social sector of society

– and much more…

Some people call it “Pay It Forward” but simply put, we’re developing a system of quantifying, distributing and recycling our goodwill.


Join us and learn more.

What we need: Your skills, passion and commitment.

The benefit to you…  Participating with passionate people, where you will find inspiration to create your own state of mind, money-making businesses and spinoffs.

LET’S START_\!/ What you need to do – no experience necessary!

Show your courage, commitment and support – Send us a 3 Finger Photo of yourself, and a brief explanation of your skills and how you want to use your skills to help create a Caring Currency for a better world. Don’t forget to smile_\!/

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