Greatest Migration – Greatest Opportunity on Earth

Chunyun (春运)

This CNY, Travel Home to the Republic Of Conscience for FREE!

This year, bring a Priceless Gift to your Family, Friends and Community that will last forever_\!/

Chinese New Year or “Spring Festival” is the largest annual human migration on Earth, and this year, the “Spirit Of Bethune” travels with you_\!/


Spring Festival is a time for happiness and reflection on the successes of past year.

Try something NEW this Chinese NEW YEAR_\!/

Traditions evolve and adapt over time. In this new era of increased pollution, climate change, economic uncertainty and rapid social change, our families need to learn to modify, adapt and enhance our traditions to reflect the realities of the world around us, leading us all to success and a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

Starting in YEAR ONE (2014) of the Republic Of Conscience, our expanded tradition includes a NEW CRITERIA for SUCCESS of our citizens… the question is… are you Part Of the Problem (POP) or Part Of the Solution (POS)? (Hint: you can be part of the solution by trying the things below)

At this time of year, when people travel back to visit their relatives in their ancestral homes, it’s the ideal opportunity for family fun,  social progress and harmonization and facilitating How China Saved the World.


NEW this Chinese NEW YEAR_\!/

3 Finger Fun  with with FRIENDS & FAMILY




Workers – Students – Tourists all over China…

天时,地利,人和 – New Year Reunion Dinner – introduce the 3 Finger salute to friends and family and take a photo-

Introduce the 3 Finger symbol with multiple meanings –  Tian Shi, Di Li, Ren He 天时,地利,人和. ( The right person in the right place at the right time) “Tian Di Ren 天地人”(Heaven Earth People), “Heping Ji Yi” (Peace Plus One), “Jing ji Showei Wangjing” (Society, Environment, Economy)  and take a photo of everyone sharing good times together in a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS)

Spring Festival Travellers –

Be the first in China to pose for photos with the 3 Finger Symbol at Landmarks and Monuments around your own community, or in communities where you are visiting.  Share the meaning of 3 Fingers with strangers and take a photo of them at the landmark with their camera.

 MORE DETAILS about the 3 Finger Photo Contest at www.WorldSustainability.Org



“Tian Di Ren – Bai Qiu En”

The Spirit Of Bethune


Use the spring festival opportunity of many generations of family getting together to recall and discuss the 2014 75th anniversary of the “Spirit Of Bethune” , read the essay In Memory of Norman Bethune written December 21, 1939, about Bethune’s “selfless devotion” and how

“We must learn the spirit of absolute selflessness from him. With this spirit everyone can be very useful to the people. A man’s ability may be great or small, but if he has this spirit, he is already noble-minded and pure, a man of moral integrity and above vulgar interests, a man who is of value to the people.”

China’s many social pressures and problems would be made easier if people made more frequent visits to the Republic Of Conscience and lived the description of the “Spirit Of Bethune”.


Invite your family and friends to travel with you to the Republic Of Conscience for a meaningful discussion, to solve problems or simply to plan for your future. There is NO COST for the trip, but we all get great value from your visit- You’re Welcome_\!/


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