SustainaCLAUS is Coming to your SustainaTOWN

santa-claus_3fHo Ho Ho, Merry X-MAS_\!/

This holiday season, we’re thinking about our friends, family and planet and we want to do something nice for everyone –


SustainaCLAUS is checking our lists 3 TIMES – to SEE BALANCE between Society, Environment and Economy and if we have been bad or good , so be GOOD for Goodness sake_\!/

So, this Holiday Season… THINK about what you are doing with your money… try making something by hand and from the heart.. if you must spend money – invest in your local community, purchase only what you need, buy from those who really appreciate your patronage.

Stop wasting and start sharing…

Please Help with the foundation of the Republic Of Conscience if you have Bitcoin, please contribute generously.



Please send us the name you wish to be known by and confirmation of how much currency you sent, if you want to be listed as a supporter of the World Sustainability Project and a founder of the Republic Of Conscience, send us the details by email, at: RepublicOfConscience [a} gmail



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