Here in the Republic Of Conscience, we have always followed the traditional DAO, creating a sustainable path to the future on the principles of peace, harmony and balance… and now, with the NEW DAO – a technological platform based on the BLOCKCHAIN – where we are able to perform the activities of organizations and the incorruptible completion of contracts in a decentralized, democratic and sustainable way.


Part Of the “Financing Good” Solution

We invite you to join us in PIONEERING this new experiment within the Republic Of Conscience…  with the first “Sustainability DAO” the “LOHHAS DAO” a Consciousness Raising platform to find people around the world – who are, or want to be – “Part Of the Solution” and together, through BLOCKCHAIN CONSENSUS, help finance the 3rd Sector to improve our lives and achieve the United Nations’ 17 SDG -Sustainable Development Goals.

ROI3 – Return On Investment to the Power of 3

We have always believed that the people who do good in the world should be making the most money.. but that’s not the way it has turned out, until the Republic Of Conscience. Among our principles is ROI Cubed or ROI3 or Return On Investment to the Power of 3.

We believe that your Return On Investment should include not only a healthy Economic Benefit, but also be a benefit to the health of the Society at large (ie: “CSR”- Corporate Social Responsibility) and of course support a healthy Environment for everyone to enjoy.