doc_3FingerFreud-De-ZombificationMG_5850SustainaQuette (or “Sustainability Etiquette” ) is the Universal Social Etiquette of the 21st Century – how do we get along together in a globalized world of commercialized cultures that are often in conflict with sustainability?

Individually we need to learn to promote SUSTAINABILITY in ALL THINGS and harmonize our actions in SOCIETY, ENVIRONMENT and even our local ECONOMY_\!/

Psychologically speaking, 3 Finger Freud is a strong proponent in the MENTAL HEALTH aspect of SustainaQuette. SustainaQuette is one of the components of the De-Zombification Program Now Available for Citizens of Conscience of the Republic Of Conscience.


Photo: New Citizens of the Republic Of Conscience at a De-Zombification Role-Playing Workshop, learning SustainaQuette_\!/