Happy Holiday Postcards


Season’s Greetings with BUDe sporting 3 Finger Antlers and an invitation to visit the World Sustainability Organization and the Republic Of Conscience


Season’s Greetings with BUDe sporting 3 Finger Antlers


Tell me a 3 Finger Story_\!/ BUDe  and his m’master


SudtainaClaus asks you to Send your 3 Finger Photo to SustainaClaus [a} gmail


This is a little different… a Dragonpreneur is guided to master the 5 Claws of the Dragon – Communications, Relationships, Management, Creativity (& Innovation) and Leadership


SudtainaClaus asks you to modify your behaviour and focus on what’s really meaningful. If you consider yourself as “Part Of the Solution”,  send your 3 Finger Photo to SustainaClaus [a} gmail


A message of Season’s Greetings with BUDe sporting 3 Finger Antlers and a SustainaClaus hat,  inviting you to visit the World Sustainability Organization and the Republic Of Conscience

It’s the season for caring and sharing – whatever your traditions are, enjoy your Happy Holidays_\!/


Many Winter holidays are about returning the light – the Republic Of Conscience is Water & Light


Please share your ideas for holiday cards from the Republic Of Conscience… send to RepublicOfConscience {a} gmail com

New TRAVEL POSTERS for the Republic Of Conscience

The Republic Of Conscience now has travel posters available, and invites you to share your TRAVEL POSTER IDEAS for the Republic Of Conscience with the world –

VisitRippleTravel SunNeverSetsPROCtravel NaturalFREEDOMPROCtravel EnjoyPROCFreedom Dream AwakenPROClive

go to the Travel Promotion Bureau for more ideas and slogans for TRAVEL POSTERS

SustainaClaus shares 3 Finger Wednesday Holiday Message

Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy 3 Finger Wednesday_\!/

Today is the day we SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG to live a LOHHAS Lifestyle.

Visit www.WeChat3.com to learn the fun stuff you can do..

 NOTE: This Year both Christmas and New Year Holiday occur on 3 Finger WednesdayLet’s Celebrate People, not Products_\!/

In this 3 Finger Wednesday message, SustainaClaus  and “LCP” the Low Carbon Panda remind us to share our happiness FACE to FACE –  SustainaClaus and LCP ask you to spend more time with your family and friends

– stop the crazy, empty consumerism and wasting money and time…

– put MEANING back in your life, think about what the gifts are replacing

– make memorable  hand-made gifts from the heart,

and “X” off your gift list the things you and your loved ones don’t need


A sad reminder of the pressures associated with this “Consuming Season” … where people are driven to extremes by living outside the Republic Of Conscience.. illustrated here, where a young man took his own life escaping the demands of a greedy conscience: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2520753/Chinese-boyfriend-jumped-death-girlfriend-insisted-going-clothes-shop.html

Republic Of Conscience On China’s Bitcoin TV

Chinese Bitcoin Expert Chandler and Philip McMaster from the Republic Of Conscience deliver “Bitcoin News” from China:

Chandler and Philip McMaster

Series of 5 Videos describing the World Sustainability Project, the Republic Of Conscience and Caring Currency

1. http://251585.jwappgc.com/weizhan/article/101537916/31022590468/251585
2. http://251585.jwappgc.com/weizhan/article/101537916/31022591305/251585
3. http://251585.jwappgc.com/weizhan/article/101537916/31022592108/251585
4. http://251585.jwappgc.com/weizhan/article/101537916/31022592498/251585
5. http://251585.jwappgc.com/weizhan/article/101537916/31022593633/251585

SustainaCLAUS is Coming to your SustainaTOWN

santa-claus_3fHo Ho Ho, Merry X-MAS_\!/


This holiday season, we’re thinking about our friends, family and planet and we want to do something nice for everyone –


SustainaCLAUS is checking our lists 3 TIMES – to SEE BALANCE between Society, Environment and Economy and if we have been bad or good , so be GOOD for Goodness sake_\!/

So, this Holiday Season… THINK about what you are doing with your money… try making something by hand and from the heart.. if you must spend money – invest in your local community, purchase only what you need, buy from those who really appreciate your patronage.

Stop wasting and start sharing…

Please Help with the foundation of the Republic Of Conscience if you have Bitcoin, please contribute generously.



Please send us the name you wish to be known by and confirmation of how much currency you sent, if you want to be listed as a supporter of the World Sustainability Project and a founder of the Republic Of Conscience, send us the details by email, at: RepublicOfConscience [a} gmail