Is there a CRISIS of Consciousness?




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The most exciting thing to come along in a long time is the BLOCKCHAIN..

The BLOCKCHAIN is a recent development from the “virtual currency” called Bitcoin.

Today, just a few years after it was invented in 2009 there are many good people around the planet working on the platform of the BLOCKCHAIN to create a fresh new “decentralized”, “peer-to-peer” world we can be proud of.


It’s very exciting for the Republic Of Conscience, because our “State Of Mind” was conceived from an early understanding of the potential of the BLOCKCHAIN to create a virtual Republic Of “Like-Minds” – conscious and conscientious humans around the world who believe in honesty, fairness, Individual Social Responsibility (ISR),  equal opportunity and rule by consensus, not by privilege, corruption or dictatorship.



We’ve been discussing and planning the Republic Of Conscience for years as a way to achieve the most noble goals of humanity – by mobilizing the best minds in the world – to solve the BIG PROBLEMS outlined by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Meanwhile Closer to Home… Peer 2 Peer CHANGEWEDNESDAY.com


Everyone involved in the World Sustainability Project celebrates  “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” – the day EVERY WEEK when we SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG and STEP BY STEP  solve OUR OWN SUSTAINABILITY PROBLEMS – in our homes, our workplaces, our schools and our community.




In the first few months of 2016, a perfect opportunity for the Republic Of Conscience has come into the light – the creation and release of “THE DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on the Etherium BLOCKCHAIN.


The Republic Of Conscience was conceived based of the principles of the traditional Chinese DAO and giving back to the community.

Now the world community can BEGIN TO SOLVE THE BIG GLOBAL PROBLEMS by funding the Republic Of Conscience and the Citizens of Conscience through the new BLOCKCHAIN-based “The DAO”.


This first experiment as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is considered to be similar to a redistribution funding vehicle or Venture Capital (VC) organization, however with no central control, and contracts fulfilled “Automatically” based on the voting agreement (consensus) of investors.

Philip McMaster (DaLong) Co-Founder of the Republic Of Conscience presents the how the DAO can serve the Sustainability goals of the United Nations: INVEST IN YOURSELF_\!/


Philip McMaster (DaLong) is Co-Founder of the Republic Of Conscience, World Sustainability Project, McMASTER INSTITUTE for Sustainable Development in Commerce, PlanetPRENEUR,

STOP BEING Part Of the Problem (POP) START BEING Part Of the Solution (POS)WSP_WSO_31We believe we must seize this unique opportunity as PIONEERS of the new Sustainable World Order to bring the Republic Of Conscience to The DAO and for the Investor Citizens of The DAO to invest in being Citizens of Conscience_\!/ 


UPDATED 20160606






The People’s Republic Of Conscience was everywhere at COY11 and  COP21 PARIS in the Spirit Of SustainaClaus.


Visit the Republic Of Conscience SUMMER 2015


 LOHHAS APPJoin the TEAM at the World Sustainability Project – Be a Founder and Contribute YOUR Expertise to the “APP that Changed the World” http://worldsustainability.org/lohhas/app/


ULTERIOR_STATESInteresting “Guerilla Film” displayed at RCTV, touching on concepts of freedom, justice and harmony embraced by the Republic Of Conscience.

Part of the “Silk Road Map to PARIS”,  the McMaster Institute co-founder presents workshops at Fifth Green Planet Forum SHANGHAI

May 23rd 2015

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 OUR BIG GOAL… \!/_(^-^)_\!/

China’s SILK ROADMAP to PARIS  June to December 2015


Participate in the Journey , 3 Finger Challenge and Opportunity for Chinese people throughout China as they live a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) in their daily lives, especially on 3 Finger Wednesday, when we SMILE ~ CHANGE ~ UNPLUG_\!/

Silk Road Map Details for Supporters/Sponsors: Republic Of Conscience

Silk Road Map Details for Participants:  www.Sust10.com

Nanmu Tree Meeting Table

Join us at the NanmuTree Meeting Table. Help LCP the Low Carbon Panda discover the Secret to Sustainability in a visit to the Republic Of Conscience

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Look here for May NEWS


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EARTH DAY 4.22, HAPPY 3 Finger Wednesday_\!/

In SHANGHAI we will be at 11/f, 2 of Gold Hongqiao Center, Loushanguan Road 533, Changning District
早安伙伴们,今天是4.22世界地球日,记得参与3 Finger 的周三聚会_\!/ 我们今天聚会的地址是:娄山关路533号金虹桥中心2座11楼 靠近茅台路 宜信财富
7:00PM ‪#‎duang‬ ~ @duang ~ duang_\!/

IN BEIJING: 东直门内大街277号地铁商业大厦地下追梦派密室逃脱 7:00PM
TALENT SEARCH: 我们正在为 6月18日活力地球音乐会寻找中外音乐家、诗人和作曲家。带上你的朋友一起来参加吧_\!/


TALENT SEARCH: We are looking for Chinese and Foreign musicians, poets and songwriters for the Beijing edition of the global LIVE EARTH CONCERT June 18th. Come and join us with your friends_\!/


in BEIJING: “Dream Pi” is basement level of Building B1. Exit Line 5 Beixinqiao subway station from Exit “B” turn right, see “Dream Pi” gate, look left to Building B1, enter and go downstairs… join us at 7:00pm_\!/


___20150405_183401_HDRMORE INFORMATION: SEARCH ‪#‎3FingerW‬

The Republic Of Conscience & World Sustainability Project

Agents Of Change for Society the Environment & Economy


Today there are many predictions of Irreversible Collapse (Guardian)

Economic Collapse, Nature’s support systems collapsing around us, and many Societies either falling into greedy, competitive zombie-like consumer trances or increasingly violent rejection of the 1% status quo…


Citizens Of Conscience are NOT  “ Survivalists” … we’re Sustainablists… we’re not rejecting or distancing ourselves from society –  we’re taking Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) – with a FUN,  POSITIVE APPROACH of preparing, socializing and ADAPTING to the emerging realities of our world.


The BIG LIE that we are each others’ enemies, competitors and adversaries and separate from the natural world that supports all life has wrecked our social lives and our relationship with the natural world.

We have lost our conscious connection with the great consciousness – the organizing system of life.

Deep science and mysticism have been saying the same thing throughout human history – we create the world around us through our thoughts, perspectives and attitudes.. And that’s how the Republic Of Conscience came into being, and we WELCOME YOU HOME.

Millions of human animals around the planet are already Citizens Of the Republic Of Conscience.. They haven’t claimed their share of territory yet…

How do you claim your part of the emerging world history?

Send in a 3 Finger Photo – a Selfie3.com

– for a minimum 30 RMB donation,  you will be issued a raw 3 Finger Share ( validated share certificate add’l fee) in addition to a corresponding amount of Caring Currency to share and Pay It Forward to friends, family and deserving strangers.

– Write a song for the upcoming LIVE EARTH CONCERT June 18th 2015

– UpLoad your 3 Finger Signature Photo (Selfie3) to the 3 Finger LOHHAS Map

– SMILE ~ CHANGE and UNPLUG (…your STUFF and YOURSELF for 3 hours) every 3 Finger Wednesday_\!/

– Participate in 3 Finger Events_\!/

Marry The Earth
Miss LOHHAS and Models Of Sustainability
Persimmon Dinner

Why do we need to become Citizens Of Conscience?

Read this sobering article…


HelenaOu_2009  RiskyBusiness

The Coming Climate Crash–Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession


This article by Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson, was distributed by Helena Ou, from the British Embassy Climate Office – Thank-you for sharing Helena!



3 Finger Photo Contest:

doc_HCSTW_ txt_3FingerPhotoSC01887-624x360

The Republic Of Conscience is looking for “Citizens Of the World”

Sharing their thought leadership and ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) by participating in the 3 Finger Photo Contest

English version: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjY4NTc0NDIw.html

Chinese version: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjY5MDQzMjAw.html

For more information about the 3 Finger Photo Contest visit the World Sustainability Organization www.WorldSustainability.Org


In The Republic Of Conscience…

2014 Starts with 3 Finger Wednesday…


2013 was YEAR ZERO, now you can become a CITIZEN OF CONSCIENCE in YEAR ONE (Starting 3 Finger Wednesday, January 1st 2014)

Happy New Year “ONE”

2013 was YEAR ZERO… 2014 is YEAR ONE_\!/

If you are in Beijing and you want to PARTY together, let’s have fun on January 1st… it’s 3 Finger Wednesday_\!/

add your name to the meetup list and we’ll see you there..


RSVP NOW, Before it’s too late_\!/



Holiday Cheer in the Republic of Walking the Dog.



Once you accept your *ISR, you can take Part in the Solution.. FOR FREE

Go to PARTICIPATION page to learn more: http://www.republicofconscience.com/participation/

Please send us the name you wish to be known by and confirmation of your donation, if you want to be listed as a supporter of the World Sustainability Project and a founder of the Republic Of Conscience, send us the details by email, at: RepublicOfConscience [a} gmail



Conscientious Support

The measurement of success in the Republic Of Conscience is Gross Domestic Happiness

*ISR=Indvidual Social Responsibility

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