The CHALLENGE is to solve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 or earlier (see the 17PlusONE Global Goals here)


What are the World Sustainability Project and Citizens of the Republic Of Conscience doing to achieve the SDG Global Goals by 2030?


CHANGE WEDNESDAY – is about change at the level of ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) . Join local “nodes” of the Republic Of Conscience blockchain to freely meet on Wednesdays, SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG and discuss living a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) to earn Caring Currency- Do you want to pariticpate?

Every Wednesday also meet other “Hunter- Gatherers” of the Republic Of Conscience who search their local environment for Products, Places and People that promote LOHHAS living and earn them valuable Caring Currency.


A few definitions:

Social Credit = Social Credit is different from and not directly linked, but related to financial credit. Social Credit is earned through deliberate actions, not words or numbers on a spreadsheet – The accumulation of Social Credit indicates your V2S rating.

V2S = “Value to Society” – Citizens will accumulate points of Social Credit when performing positive actions for the benefit of all.


– SDG HACKATHONS – Hackathons are a great way to Sponsor, Support, List & Promote local programmer-focussed events around the world to come up with INNOVATIVE solutions for the 17 Goals and 165 subgoals of the 195 United Nations.

Recognizing and honoring ALL the participants, their ideas great or small through the AIRdrop Economy of the Republic Of Conscience – distributing Caring Currency to all participants, with the final winners invited to GLOBAL SDG COMPETITIONS.




– ATH Race or “All Time High” Challenge is a completely transparent competition between virtual currencies to reach the top spot on the 17index – the blockchain index of the top 17 Caring Currencies solving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.





SDG2EVEREST is an ATH Climb, with virtual teams of cryptofans VOTING with donations of their favourite tokens directly to pre-registered “Republic Of Conscience” NGO’s and Social Enterprises working on solving the SDG’s.




Virtually Climb Mt. Everest by recruiting a team of supporters, with everyone donating whatever they want to make their favorite currency No.1.


Meanwhile, “real” teams of people like the EcoEverest Team will carry a variety of SDG Banners to All Time Highs on the REAL mountain. In 2017, the banner reached base camp, establishing the Pop-Up Embassy of the Republic Of Conscience at 5364m and the baseline for the SDGATH.



ALL REGISTRANTS IN LISTED SDG CHALLENGES and Activities receive Caring Currency including SDG Tokens/Coins (see below) administered, curated and distributed under the authorization of the Council Of Care, a transparent, decentalized body of Citizens of the Republic Of Conscience.



All IN, All WINEveryone WINS_\!/

The real life competitors (racers / climbers), the virtual competitors and supporting fans in ATH all win, because pushing the limits of human performance and it values is exciting and meaningful.







SDG Token


img_4795Introduced at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Marrakech Morocco, November 16, 2016 – the SDG Token is a pioneering effort to balance SOCIETY, ENVIRONMENT & ECONOMY through attractive “gamification” and the use of “emotipoints” and meaningful, valuable, immutable cryptocurrency tokens on the BLOCKCHAIN.


Tragedy of the Horizon

Clearly, our personal and global problems are caused by our own attitudes, weaknesses, ignorance and poorly considered actions in the world – most of which are selfish and are resulting in the “Tragedy Of the Commons”, or as Mark Carney the governor of the Bank of England stated, the “Tragedy of the Horizon”.


The ultimate goal of the new “game” is to solve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by first –

img_48331.) solving and balancing the social, environmental and economic challenges in our own lives and begin living a LOHHAS lifestyle. (PERSONAL TASKS)


img_47962.) automatically creating an Ecological Civilization by generating goodwill and identifying and realizing personally meaningful and profitable community-based opportunities for greater sustainable prosperity. (SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP in the COMMUNITY)

climate83.) preparing ourselves for a rapidly changing world, politically, environmentally and economically, by building valuable SOCIAL CREDIT.  Using Seratio “Proof Of Personal Value” and different forms of non-monetary Caring Currency, (including the SDG TOKEN), the “game” will finally extend and represent your personal contributions and value beyond your known family and friends, to the world.






The SDG token is a member of the Caring Currency family – virtual currencies that are exclusively non-monetary and social, and cryptocurrencies that clearly support social and environmental objectives using the SDG Global Goals as a guide.

The SDG token has 18 million units – representing the 17 Goals + One =18

The 17 million SDG tokens will be distributed in the blockchain world economy exclusively among Citizens of Conscience.

1 million tokens will be distributed over the years up to 2030 by the Council Of Care, citizens of the Republic Of Conscience who, by blockchain-based and recorded curation, voting and consensus will decide the recipients of Caring Currency tokens current citizens or not, and the quantities and type delivered.


The Republic Of Conscience, World Sustainability Project,  McMaster Institute and a number of other relatively new institutions are frustrated with the lack of passion, commitment and speed of execution to solve the SDG’s, what we believe are the most pressing issues of our time.

Therefore we are not waiting for anyone’s permission to save the planet from our own destruction. The SDG’s initiated by 195 countries around the planet URGENTLY need help to implement solutions.

Many Citizens of Conscience are disgusted with the current powers that be and their selfish, money-oriented decision-making that negatively affects the health and happiness of the rest of us and our only home.

We, the Citizens of the Republic Of Conscience have taken on the Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) to develop a holistic, planet-wide project that:

Raises AWARENESS of the problems, (CHANGE WEDNESDAY, )

Raises FUNDING for those who are actively and honestly working on solutions (ATHchallenge, SDGchallenge

Educates HUMANS to become Citizens Of Conscience


The Republic Of Conscience NEEDS YOU to help develop the following SDG services as websites, APPs, documentation, s:

SDGtoken and SDGcoin

A directory of services, information and solutions to the Global Goals powered by customized search engine.

A social media based information and reminder system of pro-social and pro-environment behaviours

Closely linked with,


Go to: or www.17plus.ONE