Starting a new state of mind takes energy.

Support Caring Currency

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We could say that Money is a form of stored energy…  it can be generated, stored and exchanged to make things happen.

Currency suggests flow.. representations of  shared values must flow through the system for us to grow and remain healthy.

Although Currency only represents underlying values, Currency can be used to feed, educate, protect and build new financial, social and environmental services people need

…  of course currency can also be used to buy guns, bombs and finance the institutions that create fear, trick us, deny reality, compromise our safety and maintain an oppressive status quo.


As an honourable citizen of the Republic Of Conscience, which is to say a “citizen of the world”, it is your choice and ISR Individual Social Responsibility to support and grow a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle bridging 3 worlds.

YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE to building a bridge between 3 worlds –

The Republic Of Conscience exists in our mind and bridges 3 worlds,  The Old World,  The Current World  and  The World Today. You can contribute from all your worlds to build a better world for everyone:

The Old World   —   The World Today  —- The World You Want

1. The Old World – this is the world that we were born into, with systems that have served us well, but designed to be controlled by less than 1% of humanity. There are many good things about the old world, philosophies, technologies and improved standard of living. But it’s not perfect and short-term thinking is causing it to fall apart, socially, economically and environmentally.

3. The World You Want – a world of security, equality, education, compassion and intelligence, a COLOURFUL, exciting world of FUN and CARING – full of people and things that have REAL MEANING to you. A world of trust that you can count on for the long term.

2. The World Today – this is the world of transition. You and your actions today make a BIG difference. Choose to become a Citizen Of Conscience, support and help us build the Republic Of Conscience_\!/

A Practical Question for You:

What are you doing with your hard-earned money? Putting it in a bank? Keeping the Old World systems on Life-support?

Invest in the ideals and programs of the Republic Of Conscience_\!/


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