EcoStreets are real streets in communities around the world, where Citizens Of Conscience SHOP_\!/


Government authorized and monitored EcoStreets are where you find the best LOHHAS – a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability – a community of People, Products and Places that are Safe, Friendly and Flavorful.

It’s So EASY on EcoStreets

It’s so EASY to find everything you need on EcoStreets in SustainaTOWNS around the world and still be a responsible Locavore – someone who eats locally sourced foods, usually within a 100km radius of the SustainaTOWN.

Authentic Locavore

You can shop in person – speak with authentic vendors Face-to-Face in their “Bricks & Mortar” shops…  smell, touch and satisfy yourself that you and your family are getting the healthiest, highest quality goods available in the region.

Support Your Community

The Be Buy Boost program of community involvement helps you find what you want – and the community provide what you need. Don’t accept some overseas alternative, when what you need is produced right at home.

Online Digital Locavore

Every community has it’s unique and special flavors and styles… sometimes you just can’t get what you want in your local community EcoStreet..

The solution is to check your LOHHAS APP and shop the GAIA Catalog online, using the LOHHAS MAP to find another SustainaTOWN with the AUTHENTIC LOHHAS Validated Products you’re looking for_\!/

Now you can trust fellow “Citizens Of Conscience” and be sure WHERE the products are coming from and what they contain.

RESULT: You get what you want, and the EcoStreets Global Community grows_\!/

[SustainaTOWN directory on the LOHHAS MAP]



If your community is interested in becoming part of the EcoStreets organization, please contact Philip(.)McMaster (at) hotmail dotcom

MCMASTER INSTITUTE for Sustainable Development in Commerce Hong Kong Society Since 2001