WSP_WSO_31COMMANDER PANDA and the “Citizens of Conscience” of the Republic Of Conscience have declared a “Global War On Pollution”.

docWOP_IMG_4301 (1)War is no small matter to humanity – we have been fighting over territory and the earths’ resources since we learned to organize ourselves into groups.

Over the hundreds of thousands of years of human history, we thought the whole world was centered on our small, disconnected, tribal groups. We had no concept of the interconnectedness of planet we have always been on, let alone the damage we were doing to it.


It’s not too late to UNMASK the PROBLEM and Become Part Of the Solution (POS).

Humanity has been in denial for thousands of years about our place in the earth’s ecosystem – we have considered ourselves a special species – not directly connected or responsible for the health of the material Earth, instead we’ve chosen to relate to powers seen and unseen to give ourselves rights and remove our obligations to the planet.


A 1971 Earth Day comic strip written and illustrated by Walt Kelly, featuring Pogo and Porkypine – “WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US”

But now it’s WAR – it’s a WAR with ourselves and WE ARE THE ENEMY

However now we know we are not alone in our isolated tribes… – and whether we create the pollution in our home, or it comes from somewhere else –  for the sake of our own health and our children’s happiness, it’s become necessary to wage a “Planetary War On Pollution.”

The CHANGE starts with OUR BEHAVIOUR_\!/





Not since the Second World War has there been a global crisis that needs EVERYONE to participate in the solution… A GLOBAL MOBILIZATION – a “World War On Pollution” to end all wars.

What-If-Its-A-HoaxWe propose that our Republic Of Conscience “Peace Dealers” “Climate Change Agents” and “Ambassadors Of Change” wage a non-violent war of Peace Plus One..join the FUN

But if we don’t begin to pro-actively be Part Of the Solution (POS).. and remain passive and Part Of the Problem (POP)… serious, long-term, violent wars over food, water and increasingly scarce resources will most likely result.



doc_IMG_6744Just in time to Save the World – arrives Commander Panda, the Low Carbon Panda also known as “Wednesday” – seen here coaching Philip McMaster (DaLong) Co-founder of the World Sustainability Project on how to live a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

DaLong is wearing the special uniform of the Republic Of Conscience (featuring the 3 Button insignia) – and modeled after the Ba Lu (8th Army) clothing worn by Dr. Norman Bethune, honouring the Spirit Of Bethune – and the great humanitarian who died in China, helping the Chinese people during the civil war and anti-Japanese war, just prior to the outbreak of the 2nd World War.




Philip McMaster, in character as the “Spirit Of Bethune” from the Republic Of Conscience – acknowledging COMMANDER PANDA – the Low Carbon Panda also known as “Wednesday”



The New Development in the Sustainable World Order:

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