Pop Up Embassy

ConscienceLAND  Pop Up Embassy

Try something NEW today …

  • Establish a network NODE of your Self-Sovereignty,
  • Exercise your Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and


By creating a Pop-Up Embassy in ConscienceLAND ( www.PopUpEmbassy.com ) you can simply “Pop Up” and create your own Sustainable Thinking Community. No special place, no licence, no permission required. Just friendship and ISR.

  • Here’s your chance to leave the deniers, thugs, bullies, scammers, bullsh*tters, blowhards, a**holes and losers OUTSIDE your exclusive new group… YOUR group is for your “like-minded” friends and caring citizens of the Republic Of Conscience / ConscienceLAND.
  • This is YOUR exclusive, independent “State Of Mind” Embassy, where YOUR new Lifestyle of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) EcoTaskForce creates and contributes to the new Ecological Civilization.
  • YOU CREATE & DECIDE how your Sustainable World Order is going to operate.

Your new Pop-Up Embassy Node needs no registration, no identity, nothing special except YOU, your 3 Fingers and a few friends (or former strangers) interested in SHARING ideas, stories and EARNING Universal Social Credit.

Become Eligible to EARN at:


…. reminding you that the ONLY thing that matters in this Universe is BALANCE, and your mst valuable posession / asset is your REPUTATION for doing good.

Your responsibility is to

  • promote your node,
  • contribute to ConscienceLAND,
  • participate in the SDGchallenge.com and
  • learn to Balance between Society, Environment and Economy (^_^)_\!/ 


Remember to turn off your phone for 3 Hours EVERY CHANGE WEDNESDAY and be present with your family and friends “Face-to-Face” 

Check out www.De-Zombification.com to see what we mean..