Every Citizen Of Conscience in the Republic Of Conscience is unique and valuable to the world.


Not everyone is a CELEBRITY, but every voice, action and contribution is important, because the Republic Of Conscience represents the conscience of the world.



Philip McMaster


One of the well-known personalities of the Republic Of Conscience is founder Philip McMaster, a Canadian living in China on a multi-year effort (it’s his life work) to communicate and develop systems,  methods and approaches encouraging humans to be more sustainable in their habits and actions on planet Earth.


Philip McMaster is an “Ambassador Of Change”, and has shared the 3 Finger “Peace Plus One” Sustainability Symbol with thousands of people around the world… including many celebrities, politicians, artists and business people who promote living a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) and support the philosophies and actions of the World Sustainability Project, the Republic Of Conscience and Caring Currency

Other “Characters Of the Republic Of Conscience” include:


PPO_Selfie3_Paris_1001The SustainaClaus character is a creation of Philip McMaster, co-founder of the World Sustainability Project and the Republic Of Conscience.

SustainaClaus is now known around the world as the healthier, happier relative of Santa Claus. – Because SustainaClaus lives a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability

SustainaClaus was an attraction in Paris, France during the United Nations COP21 Climate Change Conference. For 23 days, and seemingly everywhere around Paris, the joy-sharing character contributed to the festive atmosphere in the month before X-Mas 2015.

SustainaClaus was interviewed and celebrated by media from around the world, communicating his message “Make it X-MAS EVERY Wednesday – SMILE ~ CHANGE ~ UNPLUG_\!/ and make the world a better place for our children_\!/

You can visit SustainaClaus at his own website: and ask him to visit YOU_\!/

Ambassador Of Change

sm_MarryTheEarth_MG_0175As an Ambassador Of Change from the Republic Of Conscience, Philip McMaster performs Earth Marriages in the Marry the Earth Ceremony sanctioned by Citizens Of the Republic Of Conscience.

Registered on the Republic Of Conscience BLOCKCHAIN Registry,

Visit the Earth Marriage (fix) / Marry The Earth website here.


3 Finger Freud

doc_3FingerFreud-De-ZombificationMG_58503 Finger Freud is a character that was inspired when fiming the faux-historical character in a Chinese comedy film.

Today, 3 Finger Freud (initially played by Philip McMaster) is one of the frequent guest consultants, trainers and therapist characters in the and programs of the Republic Of Conscience.

3 Finger Freud fixes “POP” Psychology from being “Part Of the Problem” to a POSitive “Part Of the Solution”.

Spirit Of Bethune

BethunePHILIPMCMASTERlargeCanadian SocialARTist and Republic Of Conscience co-founder Philip McMaster played Dr. Norman Bethune, the famous Canadian medical doctor and surgeon who helped the Chinese people during their Civil War and Japanese War of Agression.

The Spirit Of Bethune has his own website in Chinese and in English at and


More on Philip McMaster and the Warriors Heartbeat here.

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