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News items related to emerging Digital Currencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin and soon Caring Currency from the Republic Of Conscience_\!/

The economy of the Republic Of Conscience is Open Source… and therefore open to all forms of value exchange – financial in the case of most systems, and “emotional” in the case of Caring Currency.


“I am so enthusiastic about bitcoin, I know that our next fund is going to have a very high concentration of bitcoin companies, we have a high focus on [financial innovation].” – Tim Draper

“Of course, no one is totally secure in holding their own country’s currency. We want to enable people to hold and trade bitcoin to secure themselves against weakening currencies.” – Tim Draper



5,000 Terminals Across Ukraine Now Offer Bitcoin for Cash

A network of 4,900 BNK-24 terminals spread across Ukraine now allows the local users to easily buy Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency.

COMMENT from the web:

5000 ATMs, high local fiat volatility, AND wide anti-government awareness?!? This is an EXTREME opportunity for bitcoin to replace the local fiat. We may not see another opportunity this prime for another Decade!

I don’t want to hear that a few local entrepreneurs are trying to get the word out like they do everywhere else… I want to hear that THOUSANDS of people from ALL OVER THE GLOBE fly into that country and do every imaginable thing possible to raise public awareness of this opportunity!

We need bitcoin foundation special envoys, facebook campaigns, Ukranian merchant association drives, and kickstarter campaigns to send over educational groups, all going yesterday!

Extreme opportunity should be met with extreme focus… Don’t just mark this down as a ‘win’ already people; hardly anyone in that whole country knows what a bitcoin is! ”



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